Thank You


Thank You!

First and most importantly, I would like to thank God because apart from Him I can do nothing but IN HIM, I can do ALL things because He provides me the strength to do so.  Lord, I surrender all my life to You and everything I do, I do for Your glory.

I would like to thank my husband, Boyd who is the love of my life and my greatest support. He has encouraged me to use my voice to glorify God through Word and Song, prays for me, ministers to me and never allows me to give up.  He travels with me, caring for me like no other.  Thank you babe. TEAM OUDEN now and forever.

I would like to also thank my daughter, Tiffany who is my first born and the reason why I sing.  She loves her momma and has extended endless encouragement, support and love to everything I set out to do.  She is that loud voice in my ear and in my head, "Mom, just do this! What are you waiting for?!"  She also designed this website. assists me administratively  and prays for me every day and ensures I never misuse the gifts God has placed in me.   Thank you so much!

To my daughter, Danielle, thank you.  She may not be as concerned or even notice all her mother is doing but she never ceases to express her love and support showering me with hugs, and sweet love notes.

To my extended family, friends and each one of you who prayed for me , encouraged me, befriended me and asked me to participate in your special event, there is just absolutely no way I could list the names of all of you because then the website would be full of "thank you" pages. You all know who you are.  There are simply not enough words to express my heartfelt gratitude to you.  Who I have become through SongforHim Ministries is a direct result of my connection with you and God's plans for my life.  May the Lord richly bless each and every one of you!  

To the Janine Sound Company and Sound Engineer, Keenan Payne, thank you for the gracious space you offered in use of your recording studio and the AMAZING job you did helping me record my first promo CD, "Journey of Worship". Your patience, love, support and kindness 

are truly invaluable and I thank God for joining us all together.

To Andre Marshall, Keyboardist extraordinaire, thank you for sharing your gift of worship through playing the piano for me.  I appreciate brother! 

To B. Nathaniel Smith aka The Keynote, thank you for mentoring me and always pushing me to be a BOSS and get it done! I am forever grateful to you.

And finally, I would like to especially thank my mother who always prayed for me and believed I could do anything I set my heart to do and although she lives in heaven with Jesus, I know she is with a great cloud of witnesses, watching over me and cheering me on. I miss and love you, Mom.

God has truly been good to me - better than I have deserved.  


Janine Payne Sound Company

I am always encouraged and blessed when I hear you minister in song. Your page, I will bookmark. May God continue to bless SongforHim Ministries, LLC.

Anya Evans

Songstress, Tara Ouden, is truly anointed and has blessed many a church event that I have attended to include weddings.  She graciously accepted an offer to provide gospel music at a prayer breakfast event and 97th birthday party that my husband and I sponsored.  May God continue to bless you, Songstress, your family, and your ministry. Thanking God for you! The Evans family and Grandmother who is 106.5 years young!

Barbara Tibbs

 Journey of Worship - Your Life Song!
Just reading those words brings a smile from my heart to my face! Ministering through song is truly a gift that you carry out with passion.  Your love for God and His people is truly evident.  I am so happy that I have been a part of your journey and to see you along different parts of your journey has been an amazing one!  I am excited to witness the amazing things that God is doing through you in this season!
Overflowing Blessings My Sweet Friend!

Christ Like Expressions Apparel, LLC

My experience with Tara Ouden...Inspirational, Worship Phenomenal, Powerful Praise Spirit...Tara Ouden is the one you WANT to hear!!! When I hear Tara's voice, I can picture her in God's presence, PRAISING Him and pouring out all her love and talent that God gave her...Your sister in Christ, Deborah

Pastor Maria Wells, Church of God's Assembly

We at the Church-God's Assembly can't begin to thank you for the many times you have stopped by to bless us and share your beautiful gift! Thank you so much.

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